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Moravian Women – meet the first Thursday of each month. Their mission includes Spiritual Life, Fellowship, Mission, Outreach, and Service. A few of the Moravian Women’s projects are to serve luncheons or receptions for members or congregational friends, bake Moravian sugar cakes for various ministry usages, conduct annual Moravian Women Sunday worship service, support the Northern Province mission projects around the world, hold twice annual parties for residents of Moravian Manor nursing home, and participate in Church World Service’s Blanket & Tools of Hope Program.

Choir – Numbering about 8, the choir includes both men and women of various ages. Our choir provides an anthem each week, helps lead the congregation in learning new music, and is an integral part of our Christmas Eve Vigil services. Accompaniment may include organ, brass, handbells, or grand piano. While Moravian composers are a favorite, all styles of appropriate Christian choral music are employed.

Spirit Time at the ADS
As a part of our full experience programming at the Adult Day – physical, mental, relational, and spiritual – I lead Spirit Time at the Adult Day Each Wednesday morning at 11:00am.

Our clients really engage themselves in this process as I discuss human challenges that can be more fully addressed when the spiritual side of us is also involved. We discuss courage and its importance in life, where it comes from, and how it blesses us. We openly name stressors such as loneliness, uncertainty, and letting go while considering how our relationship with these concerns may or may not change over the years. We explore how there is more to life than sight, touch, and power, and how the process of maturity and aging makes us more open to The Beyond.

Spirit Time is not about converting others to our way of thinking, but about inviting and empowering all of God’s people to meet the challenges of this life with the transcendent power of faith in Something Greater Than Ourselves. It has been my great personal joy to watch our clients respond so deeply.


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