Moravian Center of Lancaster

When the Lancaster Moravian Church moved back to the city and started the Moravian Center Adult Day, it was important that they convey that the congregation and the center were partners on this journey.  They were not only a congregation, but also the visionaries behind this amazing program that serves so many in our community. 

The adult day program was not a stand alone entity, either, and the space that is used by the church and the day program are one in the same. Exercise at 10 AM each week day morning is done in the same space that we worship in on Sunday at 10 AM. Cookies and Conversation is held at the same tables where day center participants eat their lunch. 

With that in mind, the name became the Moravian Center of Lancaster, which currently includes the Moravian Center Adult Day Care and the Lancaster Moravian Congregation.  While congregants knew that there would be many opportunities for ministries and connections in the city, calling it the Moravian Center would allow for the possibility of other programs or ministries to naturally fall under that umbrella. We are always always praying for God's guidance as to how we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ in this community.

The demographics of our congregation do not match the demographics of the community and we’d like to change that, not in ways that expect people to come to us, but in ways that we can really be a part of this community.”
— Congregational Report