Moravian Women

Moravian women meet the first Thursday of each month. Women take turns hosting the monthly gathering in their homes September through June for fellowship and spiritual studies. Their mission includes Spiritual Life, Fellowship, Mission, Outreach, and Service. This active and fun group of women are vital to the life of our congregation.


The Moravian Women's group serves luncheons or receptions for members or congregational friends, bakes Moravian sugar cakes for events and fundraisers, leads an annual Women's Sunday service, supports the Northern Province mission projects around the world, and participates in Church World Service’s Blanket & Tools of Hope Program.


Bell Choir

Under the direction of Addison Rymar, the LMC handbell choir blesses us each month with a musical offering during our worship service.  The group of 6-8 dedicated ringers practice one evening a week, putting their talents to good use for the glory of God.


If you would like more information about our bell choir please contact the church office.

LMC choir (1).jpg


Numbering about 8, the choir includes both men and women of various ages. Our choir provides an anthem monthly, helps lead the congregation in learning new music, and is an integral part of our Christmas Eve Vigil service. The choir is accompanied by one of our pianists, who enhance our time together each week with their exceptional gifts. 


Moravians have always placed a special emphasis on music. Our theology is most easily found in our hymn lyrics, and we are one of the few denominations that still sings hymns in 4 part harmony. We certainly do love the traditional hymns that are part of our heritage, but we use more contemporary music in worship, as well. We realize that God speaks to us each differently, and our worship seeks to reflect that.